This one’s for the skeptics

This one’s for the skeptics

This is a special shout-out to someone who follows the Surgery center of Oklahoma on Facebook named John David Kilgore.

I have an increasing respect for skeptics… for people who are not gullible and do not believe everything they hear. And John David Kilgore is someone who does not believe that the prices at SCO could be one-tenth of what the typical big box hospital charges for the same surgery, often by the same surgeon.

He doesn’t believe that and I’m not just okay with him not believing it… this is a shout-out to him to thank him for not being a gullible person. He’s bringing a healthy amount of skepticism to these ideas and to the blogs I produce.

I appreciate his skepticism and I think more people should be skeptical. In addition to being skeptical, John exhibits an increasingly and unfortunately rare quality in that he is civil in his disagreements.

So thank you, John David Kilgore. I will work harder on this end to become, perhaps, even more convincing than I have tried to be in the past. And I wanted to thank you in particular for your civility.

Thank you again. See you next time.