Looking at our website once again, familiar to all of you and all of those big hospital systems in the United States that have completely copied, if not plagiarized this site. Here is my price for the wrist and hand section: Trigger Finger. It’s $2,750.

[Pans to second screen] Over on the other screen, this is where I change or modify prices and you can see trigger finger is $2,750. Once again, we are going to demonstrate what happens when the spiraling cost of healthcare afflicts us here at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

We are now down to the edit portion. The price goes from $2,750 to $2,600. We will update that and the post is updated. Let’s go back over here and refresh the website. It’s $2,750 and we will go to the hand section and drop down to Trigger Finger… and poof! There is $2,600 dollars once again an example of how the spiraling cost of healthcare is affecting us here at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

You see, it doesn’t cost that much to take care of patients if all you’re doing is taking care of patients – not building an empire and all the other things people in corporate health care are spending money on.

Thank you for joining me in this video blog series we will see you next time.