Hello Dr. Keith Smith with you – Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me in this series.

I’m very excited to announce that this past week I posted prices for knee replacements on our website. Facilities all over the United States are beginning to perform joint replacement on an outpatient basis and we are proud to join this crowd. It is also very common for facilities that perform these surgeries routinely to post their prices, and so the free market movement is studded with many facilities that are willing to say, “Here is what we do and here is how much it is.”

Our package is a little bit different in that we decided to include some unusual things – things that invariably result in bills that trickle in after the surgery is over, including all the medications the patient takes home with them, their durable medical equipment charges which is: the ice machine, the motion machine, the walker, the calf squeezing clot preventers, and also one month of outpatient physical therapy after the patient is discharged.

This is a very exciting development and we hope to add more joint replacement procedures and pricing on our website in the coming weeks and I will keep you posted.

Thank you for watching. We will see you next time.