Hello. Dr. Keith Smith with you. Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me.

You’re looking at the homepage of our website. Surgerycenterok.com, and I thought this would be a good place to start as we discuss a question I hear more regularly, and my response. The question I get goes something like this: “how in the world will there be enough free market providers to satisfy the demand if and when this movement really takes off?” Another version of that question is: “who is going to build all of these new surgery centers and hospitals and imaging centers to satisfy this demand, if this free market idea is a great one, like you claim it is, and once it takes off?” Here is my answer. This is a surgery center website for a hospital system in Pennsylvania. Looks a lot like the website you just looked at, doesn’t it? They have their little avatar and the little marks on there. How about this one? This is UCLA, so they’ve copied our avatar and the little dots on there. Let me go back. Here’s mine. Here’s UCLA’s. Now they didn’t ask me to copy it but, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And that’s really the answer to the question that I receive. “Where are all these facilities going to come from?” They already exist. They will just change their price gouging ways, and instead of maximizing revenue, they will attempt to maximize the delivery of value. But it is the power of the market, as Rothbard described it, it is the power of the market that will force them to compete, otherwise lose customers. So once again, no new facilities need to be built to satisfy the demand of the market. Once the free market takes off and buyers demand that non-price gouging pricing be delivered to them. Thank you for joining me. We will see you next time.