Price Transparency at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Price Transparency at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you. Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me.

We’re looking at the edit page on my website where I add procedures and change pricing. We received a call this last week, that I was very excited about, where an equipment and device representative granted us better pricing than we have had in the past for their device. You can see were looking at penile prosthesis.

We’re going to scroll-down and the price is $15,425. A price which, as you know, at our facility includes everything, including the prosthesis. With a better price now, I can actually pass this savings on to the buyer. As strange as that may seem for some of you to hear. So the price currently on the site is $15,425. We’re going to get rid of that, and the new price is $14,810. This additional $615 of savings is passed on to the buyer.

Go on up here, update, and that is our new price.

So when we get breaks from people from whom we buy our supplies, we pass those on to the buyer. It makes us much more competitive in this industry, and it’s an example we hope many others will follow.

I wanted to show you this. We’re excited about this development and hope there are other device reps that follow these peoples lead, and many have done so already. We will pass these savings and other savings on to the buyer as they come along.

Thank you for joining me, we’ll see you next time.