Kent Dyer, M.D.



Kent Dyer, MD graduated from Davidson in North Carolina. He received his medical degree from Wake Forest University and his Otolaryngology residency training at Duke University. He completed his fellowship training in Neurotology at the Hough Ear Institute in 1992 and is board certified in both Otolaryngology and Neurotology.

He is President of the Otology Medical Clinic and has been a partner since 1994. Dr. Dyer’s specialities of interest include management of chronic ear disease, implantable hearing devices including cochlear implants, surgery of skull base tumors and balance disorders. He presently serves as a Director of the Balance Center of Otology Medical Clinic. Dr. Dyer was involved in a development and testing of the Maxum System™, a partially implantable middle ear hearing device which is FDA approved for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss. He was admitted to the Triologic Society of the American Academy of Otolaryngology in 2004 in recognition of research performed to establish MRI compatibility of the SOUNDTEC™ implantable middle ear hearing device. He has been involved in overseas medical missions since 1993 and presently is a Co-Director of the International Otology Fellowship Program at the Hough Ear Institute.


Ear / Nose / Throat


Bowman Gray School of Medicine


Duke University Medical Center




Clinical Fellow in Otology and Neurotology
Central Ear Research Institute (Baptist Medical Center of Oklahoma)


American Board of Otolaryngology