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CPT Code: 28080

A neuroma excision is the surgical removal of a swollen nerve, or neuroma, usually located in the ball of the foot between the webbing of the toes. The developing neuroma can put pressure on the surrounding nerves in the foot causing sharp, shooting pains when walking or standing. Treatment usually begins with corticosteroid injections into the painful area to reduce the size of the neuroma. If the neuroma continues to increase in size or cause pain after the injection therapy, the physician may recommend a neuroma excision to surgically remove it.

The surgery for neuroma excision is usually performed in an outpatient setting. First, the affected nerve is located through a small surgical incision in the skin. Next, the edges of the incision are pulled back with a small retractor, and the neuroma is carefully removed from the foot. The wound is then closed with absorbable sutures and will need to remain wrapped for a period of about two weeks. Most patients report an absence of pain for at least five years after the neuroma excision.