Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you on behalf of the Free Market Medical Association. Thank you for joining me.

One of the most encouraging developments in this free market medical movement is the appearance of a large number of brokers and consultants who are working for their self-funded employer clients in an un-conflicted and uncompromising way.

Many times, brokers and consultants, working for large brokerage houses, simply do the bidding of the large insurance carriers, something that is never in the interest of the employer. Many times, brokers and consultants want to do the right thing, but they find themselves overruled and overwhelmed by the large Tammany Hall-like structure and corruption at these large brokerage houses. That so many brokers and consultants are now freely associating themselves with the free market movement is one of the most disruptive developments that – I would argue – in the industry at this time. If you are an employer that has a broker or consultant, who is actually bringing you solutions and good news, rather than just another increase in what you’re going to pay next year, then, you as an employer, have one of the good ones. Many of the good ones will be at our meeting next month and I am very happy to report that the large number of these very ethical consultants and brokers working strictly for their client, is growing.

It is certainly a point of optimism and I wanted to pass this along. We hope to see you at the meeting next month. Thank you.