Hello. Dr. Keith Smith with you on behalf of the Free Market Medical Association.

I remember in medical school, how refreshing it was to come across someone who could cover subject material and matter that was very difficult in a very clear and concise way.

It is very troubling to know that, as a medical student, there were certain concepts that absolutely had to be understood, only to have them presented to us by people who were not very good communicators and were not very concise and clear. How refreshing it was to come across an individual who not only understood the material but was able to relate it in a very clear way.

Mark Twain once wrote to a friend: “I would’ve written you a shorter letter, but I ran out of time.” I think that summarizes how difficult it is to be clear, concise, and to the point.

At the Free Market Medical Association Conference this year, many of the speakers will demonstrate this brilliance. The Master of Ceremonies and the keynote speaker, Jeff Deist, the President of the Mises Institute is one such individual.  He is a rare individual who is able, in a clear and concise way, to explain the most difficult of concepts economic and otherwise.

There will be other speakers who will be clear and concise and can help physicians understand the alphabet soup of the financial side of healthcare.

The first year at our conference, there was actually a request to produce a glossary of terms. Since that time, I think everyone involved is able to actually very clearly explain what is the financial side of healthcare, to help us all make sense of the mess of healthcare here in the U.S.

For physicians who will say ‘I just want to treat patients; I want nothing to do with the financial aspect of this business of healthcare.’ I would recommend that you give that statement and consideration a second thought.

Indeed, if that is how you feel, you’ve abandoned your patients in many ways to the wolves on the financial side and without your guidance, I’m afraid patients just fall prey to their every whim.

Consider, as a physician, attending the FMMA Conference, the details of which are at FMMA.org.

This will better prepare you and arm you to act as a financial – not just a medical advocate – for the patients that we all serve.

Thank you for joining me. We hope to see you at the conference August 18-20.