Join us for the 2017 FMMA Conference in OKC!

Join us for the 2017 FMMA Conference in OKC!

Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you here on behalf of the Free Market Medical Association (FMMA), thank you for joining me.

Are you fascinated by what is going on in Washington D.C., wondering what the federal bureaucrats have in mind for us next? If you really want to know what’s going to happen in health care and what I think will happen, then give some thought in obtaining one of the remaining seats at the FMMA conference in Oklahoma City!

The conference is held August 17th through the 19th. The room will be full of innovators and entrepreneurs, buyers and sellers of health care, who are all interested in finding ways to find affordable, reasonably priced, extremely high-quality care for themselves and (for the self-funded industry) their employees.

All of this despite what is going on in Washington D.C. The likelihood that Washington will come up with some solution that benefits anyone, other than the cronies in the health care industry, is very small. The likelihood that you will discover some incredibly innovative and useful ideas and strategies at the FMMA Conference is very high.

I’d encourage you to consider attending, there are some spots left. I look forward to meeting all of you there!

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