The Free Market Medical Association Annual Conference is approaching. Imagine you could be in a room – at one time, in one place – with all of those who want to buy free market healthcare, all of those who are actually selling healthcare at free market pricing and all of those who are involved in the self-funded industry that have their finger on this pulse.

Imagine that in this same room there are legal experts, big catastrophic insurance stop loss carriers, cost sharing ministries, and various vendors who help connect those who want to buy and sell healthcare. All of these people will be in the room at the very same time. Imagine if you want to know more about the direct primary care movement. The movers and shakers in direct primary care will be at this conference. This is a very exciting conference.

One of the things in the last two years that has struck me is that all of these people are in the room at the same time. The synergies and the information that is exchanged as a result of all these people being in the room at the same time is really something to see, and something that if you plan on attending is worth witnessing.

We hope you will join us August 18 – 20 at the Skirvin Hotel at the third annual conference of the Free Market Medical Association. Hope to see you there!

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