Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you on behalf of the Free Market Medical Association.

Increasingly, the Free Market Medical Association, its seal of approval, its brand and its stamp are being sought out by the real players in the free market movement, as distinguished from the unreal players – the fakes, the frauds, and the liars.

I knew this would happen. I knew that there would be a free market movement and that there would be folks who would latch on to it and, while they wear the badge of transparency and free markets, they were anything but that. They were still part of the old cartel-like system that simply found another label or badge they could wear to fleece people participating in healthcare exchanges like trolls and bringing no value.

The Free Market Medical Association has three pillars that should be looked at and I think carefully considered at their website, marketmedicine.org. The people that are wearing the brand of the Free Market Medical Association, wearing that seal of approval, adhere to these.

The annual meeting for the Free Market Medical Association is just a few months away. It’s August 18th here in Oklahoma City, at the Skirvin Hotel once again. I would like to encourage anybody and everyone who is watching this video to consider attending.

State chapters of the Free Market Medical Association are forming all over the country now as more and more physicians, facilities, brokers, third-party administrators, and employers, particularly employers, are joining this association.

I would particularly like to encourage employers to join this association so that you can learn how to tell when your broker is lying to you our when you’ve been told by a PPO or a big carrier something that is simply not true.

Look for the Free Market Medical Association logo, brand, and seal of approval when you go to a medical facility that claims to be a free market medical provider.  Very soon I think without that it will be very easy to tell who are the frauds and the fakes in this movement.

Thank you for joining me. We will see you next time.