“We talked about the idea of mutual beneficial transfers, or the idea that markets should rule medicine. Basically, in 2009, Dr. Smith did something revolutionary. He launched a website displaying all-inclusive pricing. Basically, he wanted to make sure that there was radical transparency in how we’re paying for healthcare, and that’s one thing that he wanted to impress upon me in this podcast…that the role of insurance is overstated, is no small thing to state, and Dr. Smith does so with a ferocity that I’ve never seen anyone else, at least to date, in the podcast really attack. He said that insurance should only be taken at the most catastrophic cases and that insurance shouldn’t be there to pay for affordable treatments that we can get, for example, an MRI or an outpatient surgery. He’s made appearances on the John Stossel Show, CNBC, Huffington Post, The O’Reilly Factor, and I could name on and on. But his advice is truly revolutionary in that he’s a staunch advocate of a loosely regulated market.” – Shree Nadkarni, Common Sense Medicine

Dr. Smith was recently interviewed by Shree Nadkarni on Common Sense Medicine. Listen as Dr. Smith explains the journey behind the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, the facility’s innovative, free-market model, Dr. Smith’s beliefs in mutually beneficial exchange when it comes to healthcare, the government in healthcare, advice to medical students and so much more!