This is a big reach-out to Jimmie Martin. His response to my lowering prices was, “Nice try. Now go get in your Jag and head to the country club.” I’m obviously not in my Jaguar – this actually is my van – and I’m not headed to the country club. Actually I’m still at work.

So in response to Jimmie, I’d like to say this is my car and I’m not headed to the country club. But I like the way he’s thinking because, in a way, he’s right. There’s far too much money that goes into healthcare. By and large it’s not the physicians that are receiving it. By and large, physicians are victims of the ridiculous top-down central planning type of pricing.

The price gouging that you need to keep your eye on Jimmie, is really the hospitals – the big institutions. That’s where the majority of money is going – not to the physicians. Sure, there are physicians out there who are price gougers, but that’s not what you ought to have your eye on at this point, Jimmie. Keep your eye on the hospitals and all the favors that they purchased from the Federal government.

Thank you for joining me. We’ll see you next time.