Don’t fall victim to the “not-for-profit” hospitals

Don’t fall victim to the “not-for-profit” hospitals

Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you here on behalf of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, thank you for joining me.

I was recently made aware of a patient who has been plunged into medical bankruptcy by local so-called, not for profit hospitals. Having been charged $10,000 for cardiac tests that she could have purchased here in Oklahoma City for less than $2,000. Unfortunately, she didn’t know this.

Interestingly, the insurance company paid $6,500 of this $10,000 charge, but this so-called, not for profit hospital is shaking her down for the rest of that money. Money that she doesn’t have. She’s very angry, as she should be, at this hospital. I would encourage all of you who are feeling rage right now, to take 20 steps back and realize that this so-called, not for profit, non-taxpaying hospital is simply taking advantage of the many favors they have purchased from the folks in Washington, D.C.

I told this particular patient to think about her experience, like a bank robbery and many people in the United States have experienced the way the health care system works as a bank robbery. The thieves have been armed by the federal government and Uncle Sam is driving the getaway car.

I like this analogy, because it helps us all keep our focus where it belongs on the true source of the problem, as vicious as the thieving, not for profit hospitals are.

Thank you for joining me, we’ll see you next time.