This is the first in our series, “Lies That You Believe,” and I would like to begin with some preliminary concepts, and frankly, concerns that I have, as we go down this path together. I have unlearned many things in the past and I can tell you this is not a pleasant process, but I would rather know the truth. I do not profess to know the truth about all things, all that I am asking is that you, as an audience, at least consider the possibility that on some subjects you have been deceived. An open mind will go a long way toward making this series more enjoyable.

I think it would be good for all of us to identify and acknowledge the lenses through which we see the world and what we initially believe to be true. I initially disbelieve many things that I know others initially believe and with me the burden of proof rests many times, on the person making a certain claim. Somebody sitting across from me, like my good friend Rick Lewis, might initially believe someone that I would disbelieve. Rick is perfect for this series, because he is cordial, open-minded and I think he is open to the possibility that he has been deceived.

It is people like Rick Lewis for whom I believe this series could be most valuable, and frankly who have inspired me to do this. We will have our first lie that I believe you all believe – and many of them will not be just lies, but deliberate deceptions meant to trick us into believing that one thing is another.

Thank you for joining me. I look forward to this series and I hope that you do as well.