Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you. Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me. At the bottom of the written version of this blog I’m going to provide a link to a talk given by my friend, David Contorno. This is a very important talk to listen to. Of course, he gives a shameless shout out to Surgery Center of Oklahoma at about nine minutes into the video, but I would recommend that you all watch this. This is important because I’ve come to the conclusion that the free market movement in the United States medical industry will take off when the buyers decide they want it to take off. For all of the bitter complaining about the high price of health care in the United States, the buyers are simply not insisting on transparent prices up front. Let me make this clear, there are self-funded businesses here in Oklahoma City that do not buy their surgeries from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. This is unconscionable to many employers who fly their employees here from all over the United States in order to avoid the price gougers just right down the street. The reason that David Contorno’s video is so important is David is a broker and a consultant. He is the kind of guy that has the ear of self-funded buyers here in the United States, and he is pushing. He is pushing buyers to very uncomfortable places where they have to admit that the excuses are over, and the buying opportunities are there. And he is also pushing his fellow brokers…pushing them to a place they are very uncomfortable with and many of them are having a crisis of conscience, and finally recommending to their clients what is best for them, not necessarily best for the brokerage houses where they work. I would encourage you to watch this video. This is a very important video. David is a great speaker, he’s very funny. He’s also the one who produced the documentary of his hernia surgery here at the Surgery Center. Thank you for joining me, we’ll see you next time.

View David Contorno’s video here.