Lies You Believe (Part 8)

Lies You Believe (Part 8)

Hello! Dr. Keith Smith and Jay Kempton, both of you from the Free Market Medical Association. Another one for you employers who are being ripped off and lied to. Earlier we talked about the cleaning lady or company who was going to charge you $20 a week, as opposed to the honest company that was going to charge $100.

What the $20 a week company is doing is very easily analogous to what many unscrupulous vendors do to you employers, and many of these things are undetected. Think of the cleaning lady as a contractor who is hiring thieves and these vendors come into your home and rip you off.

Examples? Out of network re-pricers. This is when an employee of yours goes out of network and gets a highly billed medical charge. Have no fear! You have a vendor that negotiates these high bills and only keeps 25% of the savings that they negotiate for you. Of course, in a situation like that, the vendor always wins when the billed charge is excessive and many times the “cleaning company” owns this vendor’s company.

Another one would be rebates from other vendors, that might come directly to the “cleaning company.” Almost every time we talk to a new vendor as a third-party administrator, usually within the first sentence or two of the introduction they say, “We can provide substantial revenue to you as a TPA.” Of course, that is always on the back of the employer.

Once again, the cleaning company isn’t recommending these vendors to you employers because they are good for you, but because they are good for the cleaning company and once again the death of these scams is when everyone is up-front and honest with their pricing. That’s why many of these vendors hate what the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and the other members of the Free Market Medical Association are doing with honest, up-front pricing because these scams end. They have nowhere to hide.

Thank you for joining me, we’ll see you next time.