Lies You Believe (Part 6)

Lies You Believe (Part 6)

Hello, Dr. Keith Smith and Jay Kempton, both with you from the Free Marketing Medical Association, continuing the Lies You Believe Series.

“I’ll see you my house for 50% off. Wait! Make that 60% off!”

If you’re not asking, “off of what?” you probably are involved in the healthcare industry in some way. Because that’s how my friend, Cori Cook, an ERISA lawyer in Montana characterizes the insanity of healthcare economics, particularly that of PPO discounts.

So, employers, when you’re signing a contract and you want to insert language that protects the plan and makes sure that the PPO network is actually negotiating meaningful discounts for the employer.

…inserting meaningful discounts as opposed to what? As opposed to just discounts off of that unknown starting point.

So if the PPO is offering to sell the house for, let’s say, 70% off and all you’re asking is that these discounts be meaningful, you ask that to be included in the contract, and they walk away from the table.

Know this: if that happens and they refuse to accept that language, you’re sitting across from liars.

Thank you for joining me. We will see you next time.