Lies You Believe (Part 4)

Lies You Believe (Part 4)

Here is a lie that you probably have been told and likely believe. You’ve maybe been told that you cannot get health insurance unless you buy it from one of these exchanges, or you can’t get health insurance unless your employer is providing it. Maybe you’re retiring and your employer is no longer going to provide health insurance and you’re wondering, “what do I need to do?”

I would encourage you to do an internet search for ‘cost sharing ministries.’ These cost sharing ministries of which there are several work basically like the old mutual aid or fraternal organizations.

The expert on this topic is the author David Beito, who wrote a book that I would encourage you to buy and read on mutual aid societies and fraternal organizations and how individuals helped each other. Because that’s, indeed, how these cost sharing ministries work – members pay other members’ bills.

There’s a very small administrative fee and then on top of that, you will get requests to pay other members’ bills and in return, if you have some catastrophic issue, they will pay yours.

Do a search for cost sharing ministries. The solution you’re looking for is likely there.

Thank you for joining me.