I just returned from Washington, D.C.  One thing I noticed.  Some legislators suddenly (almost awkwardly) lost interest in what I had to say once they knew that I wanted nothing from them.  A few were intensely intrigued with what I had to say once they knew that I wasn’t angling for a favor. 

Why did the others lose interest?  I figure that they realized that I wasn’t buying anything, therefore they had nothing to sell to me.  This was apparent within the first minute of any meeting.  No one wants someone in their store that’s not going to buy something.  Without a quid, there was no pro quo.  Those in the influence peddling business in D.C. would see a non-buyer as a total waste of time.

One legislator made a particular point to spend as much time as he could with me.  Went out of his way.  He knows I’m not buying and is particularly interested in my ideas on free market health care.   

There are  a few good folks in power in Washington.  But not many.  It is the rare individual that refuses to leverage their power for loot.  Healthcare is way too important to trust to this or any other government, given the pay to play scenario that is played out on a daily basis in D.C.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.