Check out this article by Reason Magazine’s editor in chief, Nick Gillespie (many thanks to Brandon Dutcher of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs for bringing this article to my attention).  It turns out that the uninsured folks the Unaffordable Care Act was meant to help, don’t want this help after all.  That’s kind of hard to comprehend, isn’t it?  Let’s take a closer look.

Why would the federal government shove a national health care scheme down not only the throats of these folks who don’t want it, but disrupt and basically ruin the insurance everyone does have? Premiums are expected to increase by 100% in most markets using conservative estimates.  Are they incompetent or just plain evil?

Put yourself in the shoes of the giant insurance company execs.  Fewer and fewer folks are buying health insurance.  These companies have priced their product increasingly above the market clearing price.  They therefore have a surplus of product and not as many buyers.  In a healthy marketplace, they would lower their price and deal with their increased “inventory” in this way, luring customers back to the table.

Or….they pick up the phone and call their congressman!  ”I want you to fix things so the purchase of my insurance product is mandatory!”  Bingo!  Inventory goes flying off of the shelves.  Stock prices go through the roof.  25 year old healthy people are now paying $2500/month for an insurance product they don’t want, subsidizing the sick and elderly and those otherwise uninsurable folks entering the market with pre-existing conditions.  Pretty sweet deal for the insurance execs if you know who in D.C. to call and how much to pay them to get this kind of thing done.

The rest of the phone call looks something like this: “By the way, let’s throw in a Medical Loss Ratio formula that will destroy my smaller competitors giving these folks even fewer buying options.  That will more likely funnel them to me.  And you guys get your rationing game face on and cover my back with an Independent Payment Advisory Board so I don’t have to pay much on all these claims.  In fact, you could price the physician services so low that no docs will see folks for the more expensive conditions and everyone will blame the “greedy” doctors!  There’s a budget balancer for ya!  You’ll have all the data you’ll need to get all of this done after you mine the Electronic Medical Record Systems you make all of the docs buy.

Obamacare, just like almost any other “law” oozing out of D.C., was meant to line the pockets of those who wrote and promoted it.  Prior to this “law” the medical industrial complex had squeezed about as much money as they could out of folks willing to buy insurance from an increasingly consolidated market.  The only way to increase their revenue was to enlist the firepower of Uncle Sam, employing the political means (as opposed to the economic means) of obtaining wealth.  This “law” turned non-buyers into unwilling buyers and current purchasers were made to pay more.  Their next goal is the destruction of the stop loss industry so that those companies that have seceded by self-insurance are thrust involuntarily into this arena.  See my blog earlier this week for details on this.

I may start calling Obamacare “BIFOPE,” for “Buy Insurance From Our Pals or Else.” This conveys the true impetus behind this “law,” I think. And you thought they just cared about you. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.