Is it a problem that the IRS has targetted conservative “tea party” groups?  Not as much as it is a problem that the IRS exists at all. 

Is it a problem that a little girl may or may not be passed over for an organ transplantation, a situation where scarcity cannot be glossed over by campaign slogans?  Not as much as it is a problem that the government is involved in the allocation of these scarce resources.  The power that the secretary of HHS has over transplant recipients pales compared to the live or die power she will have with TUCA (The Unaffordable Care Act).  Forget transplants.  How about no heart surgery for people over 56 years old?  How about no dialysis for anyone over 47 years old?  How many people will this affect?  This is what happens when the government is involved with healthcare in other countries.  Gotta balance the budget somehow!

Is it a problem that the IRS has stolen the medical records of 60 million people?  Of course it is, but is only a glimpse of what is to come, as the digitalization of everyone’s medical records will make all “citizen’s” records easy to steal. This is why, of course, the federal government subsidized the purchase of electronic medical records systems and instituted punishments for all who did not buy these sytems.  They wanted this information.  Why? This information helps the central planners connect the dots between how much certain diseases “cost” and how many folks have this or that disease.  This allows a bureaucrat epidemiologist to determine how much money could be “saved” by denying to death all of the sick folks in one disease category or another.  Ah.  Central planning. 

The death and misery left in the wake of the “state” should come as no surprise.  While the heartbreaking story about the little girl needing a lung transplant makes headlines as a failure of the state, most media outlets still deny the fact that TUCA itself is a death panel.  Once TUCA is in full force the individual stories of human suffering will appear more like distractions as countless people die in line waiting for “care” proudly holding their “insurance” cards high in the air.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.