Jim Epstein, writer and producer of the Reason Magazine video mini-documentary featuring our facility, has written a new blockbuster piece you can read here.  He once again uses our facility as an example of free-market healthcare delivery.  There are many links to important information in the article.  One is to our new friends at “SnapHealth,” run by the emergency room physician and entrepreneur, Dr. David Wong from Houston.  Another links to Dr. Eric Bricker’s Dallas-based company, “Compass Healthcare,” another powerful force bringing much-needed price transparency to medicine, all the while promoting the consumerism that more than anything will cause the price of healthcare to plummet. 

Jim Epstein was one of the first to see through Steven Brill’s TIME magazine piece as a corporate pitch for single payer.  He reponded to Bricker in just the way you would think a writer from the libertarian Reason Foundation would respond.  His response to Brill is here.  Many thanks to Jim and the Reason Foundation for getting the word out on the workability and applicability of free markets to the healthcare industry.  Their work has been and will continue to be without a doubt, vital.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.