I wrote recently how ironic I found it that those in Washington responsible for the high price and short supply of health care here are the very ones claiming to have the “solutions.”  Actually they could help solve health care cost and availability issues by systematically repealing every single law related to health care passed for the last 60 years.  No “new” programs or schemes will represent anything other than another public sector disruption of the private sector market forces that have been proven in every other industry to result in the best utilization of scarce resources.  

Have you noticed the recent bombardment of news articles on the new “epidemic of obesity.”  Pretty soon we’ll have a War on Obesity.”  Uncle Sam in charge of what we eat.  Can’t wait!  Actually, Uncle Sam already is in control, somewhat of what we eat, with various regulations and subsidies come to think about it.  In fact, since obesity is primarily a problem of the poor and the government feeds most of the poor with their food stamp program, I think it’s fair to say that they caused this epidemic.  I’m sure they’ll stay true to their “cause it then take credit for solving it” strategy here, too.  I can see the materials that will be distributed to school age children now:  a Shetland pony (with a TSA-like food cop saddled on top) named Broccoli, or something like that.  How many billions will be squandered on insanity like this?  

And why is someone else’s obesity my problem?  Articles say all the time that obesity “costs” billions.  It shouldn’t cost me anything unless I’m obese, I’m thinking.   I think that those who believe that everyone’s obesity is everyone’s problem should be referred to as obesity pimps, just as Walter Williams refers to those who make their living exploiting the poor for their own political purposes as “poverty pimps.”    Applying these derogatory labels to the government goons who would control our lives and rob us at every turn helps deny them any degree of legitimacy.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.