Indefatigable.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines this as “incapable of being fatigued, untiring.”  Synonyms are: tireless, inexhaustible, unflagging, weariless.  No adjective describes Dr. Lawrence Huntoon better in my opinion.  Dr. Huntoon is a practicing neurologist as well as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.  This journal, formerly called the “Medical Sentinel” is the journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  Dr. Huntoon’s job as the editor and pilot of this daunting project is a full time job in itself.  There’s more to him, though.  There is probably no physician in this country that knows more about sham peer review (peer review processes that some physicians endure that falsely claim a practice pattern that is below the standard of care, simply to take that same physician’s privileges away at a given hospital or clinic for other reasons).  His knowledge of this subject is encyclopedic:  the reasons for it, the methods used, the various and plentiful victims and their stories. 

I have had the privilege of meeting him and corresponding with him occasionally.  He is funny.  Really funny.  He finds humor in situations that would otherwise drive people mad.  Nothing illustrates this better than his battles with Medicare over the years, another of his claims to fame..  Please keep in mind all that is on his plate as you read the rest of this. 

In 2004, Dr. Huntoon wrote this article.  Unable to deal with Dr. Huntoon’s arguments, the Medicare bureaucrats simply began refusing his mail.  He has sent me pictures of the envelopes marked “refused.”  As I have told him, my regard for his weariless fight with Medicare is matched only by the courage he has shown in opting out of Medicare, as a neurologist’s practice is typically heavily populated with Medicare patients. 

All of the articles in his fine journal are available for online readers, free of charge.  Many editorials like the one linked to above by Dr. Huntoon are there for you to enjoy.  Dr. Huntoon is one of the primary reasons that many physicians belong proudly to the AAPS.  I think I speak for all AAPS members thanking Dr. Huntoon for all that you do. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.