Jim Epstein once again displays his brilliance in this piece.  Remember than Jim was the writer/producer for this video about our surgery center.  He points out what few are saying, namely that the failure to address the cost of health care is ultimately what will limit its availability.  The focus on getting everyone “coverage” is deliberate and is meant to bring us all to government health care I believe, all the while lining the pockets of the cronies who obviously benefit from the mandated purchase of their “services.” 

The prices we have posted online will become increasingly embarrassing for government bureaucrats and their very expensive health budgets for health plans that render little or no care.  Thomas Sowell has pointed out in the past that he has found it interesting that proponents of government health care never explain how this unaffordable care can somehow be more affordable by adding a layer of bureaucracy to it.  Jim’s piece demonstrates this perfectly.

Kudos to Jim Epstein once again. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.