Here is a link to the fabulous article about our facility by Jim Burger for “Outpatient Surgery.”  This piece is beautifully written and captures, I believe, the true essence of our mission and purpose.  I was affected by Jim’s article, as I found it tremendously beneficial to see what an outsider took away from his day-long experience here.  You see, Jim wrote many things about our center about which I told him nothing.  He saw and sensed the culture here on his own, a culture characterized by a dedication to patient care, a culture that our staff has promoted in the most uncompromising way. 

The description of the workings of the health cartel, “repricing” in particular, is the best that I have seen.  Thank you to Jim for this fine article and to Dan O’Connor for his support of Jim in this project.  Dr. Lantier and I are honored and humbled by this article.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.