Here is a link to my interview on Huffington Post Television yesterday.  I was definitely the “odd man out,” as I stated at the beginning of the interview.  The academic and socialist orthopedist revealed more about himself than he had any idea when he snidely commented about our surgery center making a profit.

I can’t believe that these people represent most folks from New York.  I think that if you asked the “man on the street” in New York if he/she thought that The Unaffordable Care Act (TUCA) was just another government scheme to line the pockets of the elite, they would react with something like, “damn right,” rather than the indignant disbelief I witnessed yesterday at my assigning duplicitous motives to politicians.  

My compliments to the host and producers of the show, however.  The host was cordial, allowed me to speak and the entire staff deserves some credit for allowing me to appear on their show.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.