Ah.  The damage control continues for Integris Health System.  The smear of their skirmish with Garth Brooks and their attempts to deny him his donated money after a misunderstanding, must have them truly on their heels.  The very expensive ads that Integris buys from local media in Oklahoma City have picked up.  The very expensive ads they have bought for some time from local television stations have continued unabated.  Long articles and op ed pieces in the newspaper have shown true desparation in an effort to salvage their “brand.”

But now something new from this health system, so intent on “not making a profit.”  They are buying national ads!  In there push to make no profits they are now buying ads on Matt Drudge’s “Drudge Report.” 

Where do they get all of this money?  Think they have overdone the cost-shifting thing a bit? 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.