I met Lee Gross, M.D. last year at an event at which both he and I spoke in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an event set up by Dr.’s Ken Fischer and Matt McCord, two more free market axe-swingers.  I am going to let the fine article written here by Mike Klein tell Dr. Gross’s story.  Be sure to watch the entire video at the end of Mr. Klein’s piece.  

Lee’s free market model for primary care is simply brilliant, partly because like most brilliant ideas, the simplicity, once hatched, is striking.  I mention Lee and his practice every chance I get, as he has brought to the delivery of primary care a low cost, high quality model available to any physician who would care to adopt it.  

Lee’s model is so affordable that many Medicaid beneficiaries are paying him and those who have followed his advice rather than expose themselves to the waiting lists (and worse) that characterize the DMV (department of motor vehicles) of medicine.  

It is my distinct honor to recognize my friend, Dr. Lee Gross, a true free market warrior and hero to so many of his patients and his colleagues.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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