Glen Tullman, writing for Forbes Magazine, compares the innovation of our price posting to that of the companies, Apple and Uber here.  Here is a quote from the article, one that will give you an idea of the author’s thoughts about what we are doing:

“If you do one thing after reading this article, find your way to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma’swebsite. Considered by many to be one of the highest-quality operations in Oklahoma, they allow visitors to click on any body part and see the costs for surgery, which is almost always dramatically less than hospital prices.” 

Groups to whom I speak regularly ask me in what ways we have been attacked (or anticipate being attacked) by the health cartel.  Regarding this point, Mr. Tullman provides an optimistic outlook, one with which I agree, placing his faith in the power of the consumer over that of the health cronies and their hired guns in government at all levels.  

I love Rothbard’s characterization of the free market as both powerful and beautiful.  If Mr. Tullman is right, consumer power, until now largely neglected in health care, will serve as our Kevlar when those who reject the discipline of the market attack those of us who have embraced it.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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