I am finding that time to write is getting harder to come by.  The primary reason for this is good news:  so many patients and self-funded businesses are contacting me about securing care for themselves or their employees that I have little time for anything else.  I hope that passing along the success we are having will give hope to and embolden those physicians or facility administrators entertaining a switch to our model of practice.

Here is the benefit promotional release created by Darla Green, Employee Benefits Specialist, for her company, Express Employment Professionals pertaining to the agreement we finalized this week.  This clear presentation will perhaps provide a better understanding of how our facility is perceived from the self-employed business’s perspective.

We are thrilled and honored to be working with this nationwide organization and I think they are perhaps just as excited about what this “partnership” (as Darla calls it) means for their company and their employee profit sharing.  While we have agreements with many companies now and have many more on the horizon, I thought an agreement with a company the size of “Express” deserved special mention.

Dr. Lantier and I would like to give additional kudos and special thanks to Sam Fox of Express without whose efforts we would still be without an agreement, I am sure.  He grabbed onto this and would not let go until it was done.  I would like to thank my anonymous, trusted attorney, without whose efforts I would still be typing revisions to the “Express” agreement and whose counsel has been priceless.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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G. Keith Smith, M.D.