While this article will be of interest primarily to physicians, it should show to everyone that power corrupts, no matter who is in charge.  Dr. Hal Scherz of Docs for Patient Care, has written a great article on the physician tyrants and thugs who run the outfit responsible for “board certification.” 

Not satisfied with their hundreds of millions of dollars in their bank accounts, the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialities) thought it would be a good idea to make physicians “recertify,” that is, pay them again from time to time.  Not satisfied with this scam, they are now floating another fund-raiser ”maintenance of licensure,” yet another way to fleece doctors, using the hammer of the state medical boards to collect on this shakedown. 

The AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) has sued over this issue recently and looks forward to some pretty juicy discovery of items pertaining to the money trail.  If half the rumors about all of the folks that were bribed and bought off to participate in this scam are true, this will likely become a gigantic scandal.

Dr. Scherz’s article is an extremely concise and well-written piece describing this mess that I highly recommend. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.