I think it is a good idea once in awhile for my non-physician followers to see the likes of what is copied below.  Mr. Kent has a thriving business selling consultant services to physicians who, having read the new Medicare rules and regs (there is a non-stop belching of new rules and regs from Medicare), have no idea what they mean.  To not know is to risk everything.

This is only a glimpse.  This is what happens when government gets involved in anything, isn’t it?  This is part of why I don’t deal with Medicare.  This is why physicians in droves are dropping out of this program.  This is why many Medicare beneficiaries and AARP members screaming “don’t touch my Medicare!” will find themselves increasingly standing in lines with their Medicare card in their hand but little or no access to care.  Remember too, that Obamacare is essentially Medicare for everyone.  I think Stefan Molyneux’s definition of democracy also applies to Medicare (and social security):

“Bribing the living with the property of the unborn.”


Good Morning,
With the OIG tightening the noose in 2013, Medicare compliance has become even more challenging. Heightened federal scrutiny and penalty enforcement have physician practices and facilities across the healthcare spectrum worried that even a genuine error might be misinterpreted as willful fraud. . If you’re not on top of the latest CMS updates and regulations, it won’t be long before your practice is under some serious scrutiny and unpleasant payback requests. You need to stay abreast with some of the latest changes to the CMS Fee Schedule, OIG target areas, ABN form updates, Compliant Enrollment process, PECOS, Documentation Guidelines for Establishing Medical Necessity, NPP Reimbursements, Medicare MSP Standards and much more. That’s why you need an expert resource to help you navigate your way around Medicare compliance hotspots and ethically optimize your pay for services.
If reducing your Medicare compliance risks and improving your reimbursement flow are top priorities, you’ll need the expert guidance offered in this Special Report on Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement Updates for 2013. Compiled by our nationally-recognized Medicare compliance experts, thisspecial report will provide you with recent regulatory updates and practical strategies for staying compliant in a host of areas.
Here are some of the topics we’ve covered in this special report:

  • CMS and MAC Critical Care Documentation Guidelines
  • EHR Myths That Could Be Setting You Up for Payer Audits
  • Guidelines to Ensure Legitimate Post-Op Revenue
  • PA Assisting at Surgery? Protocols to ensure you Bill Properly
  • Shore Up Front-End Documentation & Track Care With Observation Logs
  • Guidelines to Ensure Your History Documentation is Word Perfect
  • Signature Compliance: Brush Up on Signature Guidelines & Know the Exceptions
  • Strategies to Avert PECOS Edit Losses
  • Good News: Expect More Pay for These 10 Procedures
  • Mid-level Provider’s Potential to Boost Productivity
  • Primary Care: Catch the Medicaid Pay Boost Wave
  • Handy Checklist to Simplify Your Secondary Claim Issues
  • ABN Myths – Eliminate All Scope Of Error With Guidance From CMS.
  • Tighten Up Documentation, Correct Modifier Use – Says OIG
  • Study: Feds Garner Record-Breaking Recovery From Fraudulent Medicare Billers
  • Steps to Ensure Your Time Documentation Makes the Grade
  • How To Intercept Big Time Losses With Effective Denial Management
  • Not All Payers Follow Medicare Guidelines
  • IPPS 2013: HAC Could Impact Your Reimbursement
  • And much more…

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 Looking forward to have you onboard with us.
Matt Kent