“Alvin Lowi, writing in 2008, made a compelling case that Prohibition was never repealed, but rather, that Al Capone and Uncle Sam merely traded places. Without a doubt, brutal consequences await anyone who attempts to skirt the taxes and tribute demanded by the D.C. mob with regard to the sale and distribution of alcohol-containing beverages. This tight control of commerce, from which “juice” is extracted, pervades the medical industry, as well, as the D.C. syndicate currently controls half the sale and distribution of medical commerce in this country. Viewed in this way, it is clear that the “Medicare for All” (Prohibition of Choice) initiative represents a shameless attempt to completely control the funds flowing through this industry, a move that would make even Mr. Capone blush.”

Dr. Keith Smith wrote an article for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons that was recently published by The Conservative Pundit comparing the prohibition of alcohol to the current healthcare crisis in the United States. Read the full article here.