Is Obamacare intended to fail so that we could have single-payer? Was this law designed so that the entire United States healthcare system would crash and we would end up with single payer?

For those of you cheering right now saying, “yes, if that’s what happens, that’s just great.” I would suggest to you that single-payer in the United States, if that’s the goal of the Unavailable Care Act, it will not look like it looks in Canada. It will look much more, I would argue, like Medicare – where giant insurance corporations manage and administer Medicare to various regions of the country.

So these same insurance companies that actually supported the passage of the Unaffordable Care Act, these same insurance companies would basically be handed the keys to the lockbox – the keys to the bank. And they would be told that they can collect all these premiums not from willing customers, but from the Federal government and the taxpayers. And they could pay out what they want to and budget and ration what they want to, ensuring that their stock prices remain high.

I believe that is what single-payer in the United States would look like. It would not look like it does to the north in Canada, which is a system that’s a disaster, but at least everyone knows who to point the finger at there.