Dr. Keith Smith with you on behalf of the Free Market Medical Association.

I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage any and all of you watching this to attend the conference next month here in Oklahoma City, August 18-20. The attendance and registration details of which are available at FMMA.org. or you can Google ‘Free Market Medical Association’ to find the link.

This will to be a great conference. I’m thinking right now, in preparation for the conference, about employers. And I’m thinking about a meme that one of my sons put together for me that shows Morpheus asking the question: “What if I told you healthcare is not expensive?”

I think many employers believe that when their broker or their consultant tells them that this 38-40% increase in your healthcare spend for the next year is the best we can do for you… many employers believe that is true. I believe many employers are dealing with brokers who are unscrupulous, not realizing at all that the brokers are making recommendations to the employers that are not necessarily good for the employers, as I’ve said before, but are particularly good for the brokerages and the brokers who work there.

The only way, I believe, employers truly will understand this to be true is to attend this conference and be around others who will tell you that they, too, were duped. They, too, believed the lies and they did not understand the many remedies that the free market could bring them until they attended this conference.

So this is a reminder about the conference and it’s also an appeal to employers to really make an effort to attend this so you can find out all the various ways healthcare is not that expensive at all.

Only the free market can deliver high-quality and reasonably-priced care, and you will meet many individuals at this meeting who are delivering that and who have figured out ways to buy and find the individuals who are honest in delivering the pricing of care.

Thank you for joining me. Hope to see you next month.

To register for the annual FMMA Conference, please visit FMMA.org.