What do you think of when you hear that someone is uninsured, with regards to their healthcare? It kind of has a negative ring to it, doesn’t it? I think about it a different way.

When I think of the uninsured, I think of people who have rejected traditional insurance. Sure there are folks out there who can’t afford it, but some these same who can’t afford traditional insurance qualify for government programs that they have rejected because they simply refuse to participate in handouts. We are all better off for it; thank you to all of you.

I also think about companies – big employers – that have rejected traditional insurance. They pay for employee healthcare out of operational revenue instead. They have the sticker shock. They know the difference between a $30,000 hernia surgery and a $3,000 hernia surgery. They know the difference and they are shoppers, just like individuals who have rejected traditional insurance.

The uninsured – those who have rejected traditional insurance – are some people that have very high deductibles, who basically pay for all of their healthcare out of pocket. They are shoppers and they want to know how much it is up front. Also, think about the members of the cost-sharing ministries. People who actually share each other’s risk and pay almost negligible administrative fees to the various cost-sharing ministries. They have rejected traditional insurance and are becoming savvy shoppers in the marketplace of healthcare that is growing very quickly. They are driving prices down for everyone, even those with traditional insurance.

So a shout-out to everyone who has rejected traditional insurance and a shout-out to the uninsured. After all, as shoppers, you’re driving quality up and driving prices down for everyone. Even those that have not rejected traditional insurance.