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In an effort to make care accessible to all of our patients regardless of their financial situation, we’ve partnered with Parasail to find patient‐friendly payment plans that fit their needs. Unlike credits cards, Parasail has fixed interest rates based on your financial information, no fees and affordable payments that can be spread out monthly to fit your budget to ensure that you get the care that you need.

Easy, affordable,hassle‐free payment plans. Consolidate your medical bills into a monthly payment plan with Parasail.

Please call us at (405) 475-0600 or email: if you have questions or need further information.

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Is Free Market Healthcare A Race to the Bottom?

Hello. Dr. Keith Smith with you. Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me. “A race to the bottom”. That is a phrase that I’ve heard physicians who are skeptical of the free market use many times. By this, they mean that the natural conclusion of any...

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Coverage Isn’t Care: Deductibles and Rationing

Hello, Dr. Keith Smith with you, Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining me. One of the consequences of allowing others to pay for the medical care that we receive is that others are constantly looking for ways to not pay for the care that we receive....

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