What would the health care world look like if everyone knew that our facility (www.surgerycenterok.com) charged 1/5-1/10th of what the “not for profit” hospitals in town charged for the same thing?  What if everyone further understood that our prices are profitable, as well?  What if they understood that the care rendered here is second to none, not just priced better?

What would be the reaction of those paying for the care?  Would employers or individuals with policies be angry about all of the years that they have been ripped off by the scamming hospitals?  Would those who have mortgaged their homes or those who have been financially ruined feel wronged?

What would be the reaction of the average person toward the big hospitals once they realized that the real problem with health care in this country isn’t the lack of insurance, but the cost of the care?  What would be their reaction once they realized that the high cost of care was primarily due to the unholy cartels created by the hospitals with certain insurance companies?  What would be their reaction once they became aware that our own government was culpable in this endeavor and that the birth and continuation of this insanity actually have had their champions in Congress?

Would most people realize that the high price of health care wasn’t a failure of the market, as much as it was a successful political campaign for those who would rob us?  Would most people realize that price transparency (like you can see here) would bring the cost of health care down to a level where for a great number of individuals, health insurance would perhaps not even be necessary? 

What if people began to understand that duped into being champions of “health care reform” they were actually serving a role not unlike Lenin’s “useful idiots?” What if they finally understood that the play for “universal care,” “single payor system,” whatever it winds up being called, is simply a new stream of tax revenue for the government and a gold mine for the select few crony capitalists that will pony up sufficient political bribes to belly up to the trough?

What if people realized that the tax code allowing for the deductibility of health insurance payments for businesses but not for individuals was likely in the top ten most corrupt and evil acts ever to come out of Washington?  Would people then demand that this be changed? 

What if people realized that Medicare really was a Ponzi scheme, a vote-buying tool?  What if they realized that our children and grandchildren have been bankrupted by this handout?  What if they realized that whatever money they have paid in to this black hole is long gone?  Would they demand that it be reformed or abolished?

What if people realized that the new “Obamacare” is really a rationing tool, one meant to keep secure the new “premiums” paid in to the system, one meant to minimize payments for care?  What if people knew that their child would likely on a waiting list for surgery like they do in Canada?  What if they knew that this medical utopia of “health care for all” was doomed to failure just as in other countries where this has been tried?

Now ask yourself:  if all of the above is true, would you even want to know?

G. Keith Smith, M.D.