The most vicious hate mail I have received is for recently stating that our surgery center has no intention of dealing with any of the Obamacare exchange plans.  After all, we have never accepted a dime of government money and we have no intention of starting now!

Well, we are not alone, as ten of the top hospitals in the U.S. are also not going to play with UncleSamCare.  Here is the “U.S. News and World Report” article that basically backs up my claim that “coverage doesn’t mean care.”  

Canadians have health coverage but what does that mean, after all, when they fly to Oklahoma City to have surgery?  The unfortunate people who fall for this “exchange” hoax will soon find out in the most vicious way that ‘coverage doesn’t mean care.”  ”Care” will be what the bureaucrats (whose pockets are lined by their insurance pals) say “care” is.  There will be very little “care” as this maximizes the net profits of the cronies in the insurance industry, architects and supporters of this health care “law.”

Keep in mind, however, that all the insurance companies wanted was what the corporate hospitals already had.  They wanted their money (premiums, revenues) to come directly from the taxpayer without having to demonstrate any value in the marketplace.  Maybe this is the modern day version of what is meant by “equal treatment under the law.”  As Joe Sobran once said, “…if the Iraqis need a constitution, let them have ours.  We’re not using it.”

G. Keith Smith, M.D.