The National Health Service in Great Britain has made no secret about their use of the “Liverpool Care Pathway” as their favorite method to kill sick people.  They have even admitted to using this method, which consists of denying food and water to patients while simultaneously sedating them, to free up hospital beds for those waiting.  About 133,000 patients per year.  In Great Britain.  Euthanasia is standard in countries that have socialized the resources necessary to deliver health care, as having adopted the “we’re all in this together,” Marxist philosophy, puts the “good” of society ahead of individual rights.  After all, you just can’t have all of these sick folks draining the “public,” “community” resources when they could be put to “better” uses, according to the central planners.  Wow.  These folks must be really smart to know who should live and who should die.  I can’t imagine the “gunvernment” abusing this sort of power, can you?

Whether it’s rationing through death panels or shortage-causing price controls, the socialistic Unaffordable Care Act will bring murder to medicine just like all the rest of the countries that have gone down this road.  I think that we need to be thinking of a name for this.  The Brits have their Liverpool Care Pathway, Orwellian doublespeak on steroids.  I like the “Kenya-Care Pathway,” named for the home country of this law’s main proponent and the current head of state.  Any other suggestions are welcome.  I think we should name this murder before those in favor of it get a chance.  

By the way, here is a link to an article from the United Kingdom (courtesy of Brandon Dutcher at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs), describing how the Brits are now murdering children and babies with the Liverpool Care Pathway.  Seriously.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.