Tomorrow afternoon, here in downtown Oklahoma City, the most revolutionary health care thinkers and doers in the country will gather at the sold out first annual convention of the Free Market Medical Association.  The historic Skirvin Hotel will host this two day event, one which will begin the process of uniting the buyers and the sellers of health care, void of any interfering intermediaries.  The early adopters of the various free market delivery models are traveling here from all over the country, evidence that this movement is already widespread, an indication that the price transparency movement is now unstoppable.  

We plan to video the entire event, and I will share these historic lectures as they become available to me.  The free market health movement has begun and this meeting represents the beginning of the coordination of the buyers and sellers, a coordination that will result in a deflationary trend in health care pricing that will benefit us all.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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