Here is a link to my portion of the interview with John Stossel for those of you that are interested.  This interview led to my interview tonight with CNBC Asia-Pacific with host Bernard Lo.  I’ll post that link as soon as I have access to it.  These two shows have reached huge audiences and the response has been impressive, particularly the number of people that are requesting price quotes.  Our website actually melted down due to the traffic Sunday night during the Fox News Channel broadcast of Mr. Stossel’s show.  

The price war has begun.  The competition in health care on quality and price has begun.  The beneficiaries will be patients and their pocketbooks.  Nothing will create better quality at lower prices than the free market.  Nothing will create unaffordable care and poor quality like state involvement in health care.  Thanks to all of you who are helping to spread this message, essentially good news in an otherwise bad news industry.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.