“If you like your insurance you can keep it.”  Do you think those saying this knew at the time that this was a lie?  Millions of people are receiving cancellation notices from their health insurance companies.  One article is here.  300,000 in Florida alone.  If the exchanges are impossible to access or navigate we will easily have fewer people “covered” than before Uncle Sam mugged us with this “law.”  

Is this intentional, or incompetence?  The apparatchik, Harry Reid recently made clear that the ultimate goal was single payer and that TUCA (The Unaffordable Care Act) was just a step in that direction. Other state sycophants are belching this same line.  

I think it is very likely that while we are seeing public “officials” apologize for the failure of the Healthcare.gov website, the same goons are quietly celebrating part one of the annihilation of the “private” insurance industry, a necessary step on the path to FSHC (Firing Squad Health Care).  

Any why would the big insurance companies support this?  Simply because they hope to collect their premiums from the unwilling taxpayer, rather than a consumer.  That way, they can eliminate their customer service department, for starters.  Behind closed doors, four or five big insurance companies will carve up the country into occupied territories, not unlike Mexican drug cartels.  The IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) will have their back, issuing price controls with abandon, ensuring that the price paid for most “care” will be below that for which anyone is willing to provide it.  Think the insurance companies can make money with this arrangement?

I think at this point that anyone who is characterizing the failure of the rollout of the exchanges as an example of typical government incompetence may be doing everyone a disservice.  Ignorance is the excuse of the malicious.  Incompetence lets the statist planners off the hook, after all.  

The crashing of the system has begun.  The good news is that more and more are joining the price transparent and free market health care bandwagon.  This is the unintended consequence of TUCA.  The power of the market if allowed to work will do more to bring high quality and affordable health care to people than the most well-meaning bureaucrat.  I think that to anoint the authors of TUCA as”well-meaning,” and/or ignorant/incompetent is, at this point, naive.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.