In a meeting last week with some health policy analysts, one of the statist participants invoked the Institute of Medicine (IOM) as a source of reliable “science.”  The primary source of revenue for the IOM?  If you guessed the federal government, you get a gold star.  Why does this matter?

I maintain that scientists whose livelihood is dependent on grant money from Uncle Sam will find what they are paid to find.  Or, they will search for what they think they will be paid to find.  

“Screening mammograms do not render statistically significant breast cancer detection.”  Think a grant proposal with this title will have appeal to an increasingly bankrupt federal government once Obamacare is fully implemented?  Think this grant request will be granted and funded?  

“Prostate cancer screening results in more procedure-related deaths and complications than the prostate cancer itself.”  If the government decides that this stuff is not “covered,” it will simply not be available and suddenly the government’s paying for healthcare just got easier.  Think this sounds crazy?  

Both of these studies have been funded and both found just what you think the government that funded these studies would have wanted them to find.  

Remember years ago when we were all told that we were going to be infected by and die of AIDS?  Remember the campaign to convince even heterosexuals that this disease was a threat to them?  What most people don’t know or have forgotten is that not only was this not true, but the Centers for Disease Control knew it wasn’t true and told this lie anyway.  Why?  Think it had anything to do with their funding?  If virtually all the risk for contracting the rare diseases of the immunocompromised were confined to promiscuous homosexuals and intravenous drug abusers, would funding the likes of which went into the “AIDS industry” ever have been politically and publicly tolerated?  Is it not fair to say that the massive “AIDS” research industry and the CDC itself, were two of the primary beneficiaries of this deliberate lie?

The stories about “AIDS” are making a comeback, government funded studies regarding its incidence in children quoted in the news more and more.  As the “fiscal cliff” (whatever that is) and looming budget cuts near, the recipients of government loot are cranking up their game.  It is quite simply hard to know what to believe anymore, particularly once government money gets involved.  I anticipate more and more attempts to focus our attention on this or that federal agency in danger of losing funding and more “science” from Uncle Sam’s researchers used to justify denying people the very care that the Unaffordable Care Act promises to deliver.

Look carefully at the funding sources for medical research.  Government funding of medical research represents the death of medical science, in my opinion.  If you remain unconvinced, read here about a former head of the CDC landing a job at Merck (the largest manufacturer of vaccines) after promoting vaccine use while at CDC. 

G. Keith Smith, M.D.