Today the Surgery Center of Oklahoma launched its Facebook page.  Being semi-new to the social media world, I find myself having difficultly wrapping my mind around the power of social media and its significance, mainly because of its limitless and expandable nature.  I can honestly say, though, that I am more excited than ever about the possibilities that this move will bring.  

Many more patients will find us and our affordable pricing, that exposure representing incalculable savings to families and individuals facing the bankrupting pricing schemes of our not for profit hospital friends.  The more patients that find us, the less will be spent on health care.  It is that simple. 

At the same time, we firmly believe (and our 98% approval rating on patient surveys bears this out) that the quality of care here is unmatched.  This new social media platform will give patients an opportunity if they choose to describe their experience here, and will give us an opportunity to respond to their experience and improve on what we believe is already the finest outpatient surgical experience anywhere.

It has helped me to think of this platform as a space where people can participate in discussions related to health care, free markets, transparent pricing and how all of these and other variables are related.  The page will also allow a newcomer to take a look at what surgeries we do, the pricing and who the surgeons are, amongst other things. I look forward to the insights of all that follow and “like” us o and also look forward to participating in the discussions that will undoubtedly occur.

Simply type “Surgery Center of Oklahoma” in the search spot on your current Facebook account and click “Like” and join us in this exciting new venture.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.