Peter Suderman of Reason Magazine has written a great piece here, one that summarizes the fact that this “law of the land” is no such thing, as far as the current administration sees things.  Not only do large parts of the “law” remain unwritten, those that are written are being selectively implemented for political reasons.  An appropriate response to those who continuously say,”Stop Resisting Obamacare,” would be, “What does that mean today?”  It looks to me like the resistance the die-hard Obamacare supporters have decried has been effective in at least delaying its implementation.  No wonder the supporters of this “law” want people to stop resisting!  This is the equivalent of a shrill Berlin Wall guard whining about people always trying to escape.

Suderman’s article is excellent, including the links.  Enjoy.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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