The market is in the tank the day after the so-called “election.”  Well…not for everyone.  HCA, Bill Frist’s hospital company, is up almost 10%!  No wonder he stated that had he still been in the senate he would have voted for the Unaffordable Care Act.  Other big hospital and health care stocks are up.  Way up.  Here’s a link to show you.  ”Wow.  This Obamacare must be really good for folks in health care,” you are thinking.  Well..not for everyone.  Wall Street has never cared about the end-user, in this case, the patient. 

Check out the board of directors for Tenet, one of the “winners” of Obamacare.  Jeb Bush?  The former CEO of Electronic Data Systems?  Venture capitalists.  Giant hospital corporate groups.  Sounds like a lot of money is going to go to their investors, diverted from patient care.  Nashville, Tennessee, home to both the giant HCA and Community Health Systems, is in no danger of seeing a free market medical practice there any time soon! 

Think about it.  The market was down at one point, a full 2%.  These healthcare stocks are up in one case about 10%.  That’s really bad news for anyone anticipating paying for healthcare in the near future.  And it is called the Affordable Care Act!  Ha!

The socialist John Boehner isn’t helping things by saying on TV just now that he’s in favor of tax increases if combined with “tax reform,” whatever that means.  Seriously, what’s the difference between any of these guys? 

The answer to Rothbard’s cui bono, who benefits from Obamacare, will become increasingly clear over the next few months.  Actually, it’s pretty clear now, isn’t it.  I know who won’t like it.  Almost anyone paying for health care and most folks on the receiving end of it. 

Pockets of resistance, “free trade” areas of healthcare are out there and will attract more and more patients and those paying for health care, as the system implodes.  I’ve written for some time now that this was the intention of this act, the implosion of the system, as this will usher in phase 2 of their plan, single payer.  Barney Frank, you’ll remember, let this slip during the debate about Obamacare during an interview

If you think the hospital stocks are high now, wait until single payer arrives.  That coupled with a dollar that will only buy a fraction tomorrow of what it buys today will render corporate hospital stocks that we’ll need a slide rule to keep up with.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.